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  • How IBTA can help my business?
    IBTA provides more accurate and error free results than many other business solutions. Moreover you have seamless instant access to the data in one click and do not have to wait for days or weeks for them to pass it over - they can simply directly fill in their numbers by enabling them to access and view your business activities and milestones. You will be up and running in under one working day with your project and business tasks. There is no need to spend days and a lot of money for painful service providers. BUSINESS EXPERIENCE Market Analysis Proficient in conducting market research and analysis. Experienced in identifying trends, consumer preferences and competitive environment to inform business decisions. Strategic Planning Skilled in creating business plans and strategies considering market positioning, target audience and competitive advantages. Experience in setting short and long term goals. Brand Development Knowledge in developing and enhancing brand identity. Experience in crafting brand stories Product life cycle management Experience in managing the entire lifecycle of cosmetic products, from concept to launch and beyond. Experience in launching new product lines, optimizing existing offerings and discontinuing products when necessary. Distribution and retail strategy Understanding of distribution channels and retail strategies. Experience in selecting appropriate distribution partners, negotiating contracts and ensuring effective product placement. Financial acumen. Knowledge of the financial aspects of the cosmetics business, including budgeting, cost analysis and pricing strategies. Experience monitoring financial performance, analyzing sales data and making informed decisions to maximize profitability. Partnerships and Collaborations Skilled in entering into strategic partnerships and collaborations to expand market reach. Experience working with suppliers, retailers, influencers and other stakeholders to improve brand visibility and customer loyalty. Negotiation skills and contract management Knowledge of negotiation techniques and contract management related to business operations. Experience negotiating favorable terms with suppliers, distributors and other business partners. Risk Assessment and Mitigation Skilled in identifying potential risks and challenges. Experience developing contingency plans and implementing mitigation measures related to supply chain, regulatory and market changes.
  • Please check this out-common business failures!
    Scenario one There are many good agencies. No question at all. And their resources and solutions are so expensive that a small business cannot afford them. In each sector, branding, designing, graphics & content, production, prototyping, marketing and sales, you need different employees or agencies, resulting in thousands of bills. Furthermore, when you depend on different agencies to swing on the same goal, each one gets your goal only from their perspective, which ends up in again time to solve a new puzzle. Scenario two You have great turnover, but you need to learn how to keep growing further! That means you are great at what you do but need to know how to make advantage of it to reach wide more with the right marketing and growth strategy with the right people who understand your business & dedicated to your growth... Scenario three You are a one-person show. You don't know how to get the right people around without losing a junk of your turnover. Scenario four You are tangled between long-term expenses or liability and busy with clients. You don't know the exit strategy.
  • Want to get to know more about business services ?
    After you sign up. one of our dedicated support team will contact from there we will start in depth questionnaires and analysis. Prepare a plan, strategy & milestone and we both start by sign in a service level agreement.
  • What are the benefits for me as an entrepreneur?
    Easy and simple management you don't have to work like an octopus to manage your business. Like doing lot of phone calls, emails, meeting & corrections you will have that one person always for you to manage and give accurate results. Pay less If you want to level up your business you need a lot dedicated employees or agencies. With us it's less and effective. Accuracy & budget If we depend on different agencies their time availability, holidays, misunderstanding of concepts, error, incomplete service providers. You will face any of these scenarios and end up in over paying for a concept or you will be get delayed with your project concept and timing. You are the master You have the complete access to you project details to overview to contact any particular team member etc. As well with proper reporting, analysis and data's things will make way much easier for you and for your business.
  • Is IBTA a good choice for Startups?
    A clear and loud YES. Our team-friendly and our plan and strategies self-explanatory. It can be easily understandable by anyone, even people with no previous business experience. you can always contact your dedicated assistant anytime from anywhere. Benefits: You will save a lot of time & money regarding trying to figure things out on your own. A mentor alway in upfront reduce risks and failures.
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