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We value your trust. 
Offering you free 4 hours of working.


  • Starter

    Every month
    Planing to start develop your business this the best plan.
     1 day free trial
    • Accounts & Back office
    • Virtual assistance
    • Marketing basics - Social media
    • Marketing Plan
    • One dedicated offsite assistant
  • Business Avenger

    Every month
    Hire us to solve your challenges.
     1 day free trial
    • Website technical
    • Graphics & small video content library (Incl. video & copy)
    • Bookkeeping & back office
    • One dedicated assistant off site & on site
    • Marketing Google SEO, Social media & Email marketing
    • Business growth analysis & strategy
  • Business Pro

    Every month
    Hire entire dedicated team at one price
     3 day free trial
    • In depth - Branding concept
    • Website incl. detailed analysis & custom succession
    • Content library detailed (Video, graphics, vlog, blogs)
    • Manufacturing sol. branding, packaging materials designing &
    • production
    • Marketing plan in depth analysis
    • Marketing plan implementation
    • Marketing Google SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email marketing
    • Financial position analysis & growth strategy
    • Implementation
    • Bookkeeping & Financial statements
    • Dedicated on site and off site assistance
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Need more customised exclusive services.

Enjoy our 3 year long-term plan

with a 6-months money-back guarantee

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