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Terms & Condition

1. Scope of Application

Determinations of present Privacy Statement are valid for all visitors of the Internet-site including all subdomains (everything is marked as “web-site” within the current explanation as to information protection“). Using the website you accept the present Privacy Statement.

2. Intellectual Property

All rights for intangible property, in particular, copyrights for content and products, like photos or other files at the website are owned exclusively by IBTA or specially entitled Copyright Holder. Use (copying, processing, distribution, etc.) of right for the intangible property is prohibited without the prior written consent of IBTA or respective Copyright Holder. Exceptions shall be deemed copies and downloads from this website made for your personal use if they remain inalterable and keep the copyright notice.

3. Responsibility

IBTA makes efforts for the entire content of the web-site to be maintained updated and correct. However, IBTA may not offer any warranties for appropriateness, accuracy, actuality and completeness of web-site information and content. IBTA reserves the right to delete, select, block access or open up the website content only for a certain circle of persons at any time and without written consent. IBTA shall not provide any warranties and shall not be held liable for damages of whatever kind, being arisen due to access to the web-site, its use and/or information or programs uploads or storage.

4. Liability for active hyperlinks

IBTA website may contain active or other links to the external websites of third persons. IBTA does not have an impact upon the content and composition of these external sites of the third persons and may not provide any warranties for their content. Relevant Provider or user shall be responsible for the content of the site to which a link guides. All active and other links are verified at the moment of use and in IBTA opinion do not contain unlawful content. Permanent control over the content is impossible due to the frequent changes. If there is information about rights violation, corresponding links are immediately removed.

5. Information Protection

Basically, it is possible to use the website without providing personal data. Draw your attention to our site (as other web-services) to create a log file, which would provide information about the browser used by you, time and date of last visited site as well as your IP-address. IBTA does not transmit these data to third persons and applies it to form anonymous statistics or for research of custom tendencies. This information is in no way connected with potential personal data provided by you. Defined offered services, for example, mailing and offered software solution by IBTA still may be used only if you provide your personal information. Providing this information is performed voluntary. IBTA uses the information presented by you only for stated under submission or obvious goals and does not transmit it to third parties, even if it is required for these goals achievement and known to the Customer. There are links to the General Trade Terms to be used by software solution for details related to the offered software solutions.

6. Cookies in General

This web-site applies various cookies to estimate usage, statistic assessments as well as for permanent improvement. Cookies – are text files saved at the user’s computer when visiting web-site. If you do not agree to cookies use you may partially or in full disable and/or block them in the browser configuration. The consequences may be the following – you will not have all functions of this web-site and others using the cookies.

8. Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a service of web analysis by Google Inc. Google Analytics uses so-called “cookies”, text files, which are saved at your computer and allow to perform analysis of your site usage. Information formed by the cookies about the usage of this website by you, as a rule, is transferred to the server in the USA and is saved there. Basing on IP-anonymity at this web-site your IP-address is shortened by Google within the European Union Member States or any other subscriber states of the European Economic Community Agreement. Other than by way of exception a complete IP-address is transferred to the server of the USA and is shortened there. Google will use this information on behalf of this web-site provider to evaluate your usage of the website and for the provider to render service related to website and Internet usage. IP-address defined by your browser within the frames of Google Analytics is not linked to other information of Google. You may disable cookies saving in the corresponding settings of your browser; we point out that in this case, you will be unable to enjoy all functions of this website to the fullest extent. Reasoning from this fact you may block information receipt formed by cookies and connected with your website usage (including IP-address) as well as the processing of the information by Google if you download and install plug-in required for the browser following the link:

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10. Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction


The present Privacy Statement is within legal boundaries of Switzerland. The foundation for information security is laid by the Data Protection Act of Switzerland.

 Contact Address

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8832, Wilen bei Wollerau, Switzerland





General Trade Terms on IBTA Software Utilization

1. General Provisions

IBTA (hereinafter “Supplier”)  Supplier has elaborated software (hereinafter IBTA), which shall provide support to small and medium-sized businesses owners in the process of product distribution and sale as well as customer’s data management. Supplier offers its customers IBTA in the form of web application service. Various functions and additional offers of IBTA are described on the web-site

2. Scope of application

3. Customers’ Obligations

Customer shall be liable to observe effective laws when using IBTA or visiting the Internet-site. Customer shall be obliged to provide all information correctly and keep it current when creating a user account. Additionally, the Customer shall be obliged to pay the necessary charges/Fees in advance. Customer shall not right to transfer this agreement or its part to the third party or authorize any such third party the use of IBTA or make IBTA available on a fee paid basis or free of charge to third parties...

4. Customers’ Rights

Customer shall be entitled to use agreed IBTA functions, specified in the agreement, in the capacity of-Service after the payment of necessary sum within the validity period of this agreement. He/she may completely delete his/her data or his/her user account at any time.

6. Term and Payment

Customer may open or delete user account at any time. Upon the expiration of the agreement, it is automatically prolonged, if the Customer will not delete his/her account before agreement expiration. Supplier may customize, modify, limit or extend Web app-Service of IBTA at any time. Customer informs on this point beforehand. The supplier also blocks or deletes user accounts if they contain illegal information content or if Customer breaks the Law when using IBTA. Customer transfers user fee as to IBTA to the Supplier for a definite time interval. Amount to be charged and agreement durations are determined following the published tariffs and provisions on the Supplier’s website (in particular, within the period of use) in a moment of specific functions purchase or a moment of automatic prolongation. All payments are to be performed immediately upon valid on a date, to which they have been designated. Supplier may freely stop using our service if the full transfer of payment is not performed. Any return of enumerated amounts, both in full and by parts, in that case, is excluded.

7. Termination

Customer may stop using our service at any time as well as his/her user account and delete it. However, the return of enumerated amounts, both full and in parts in some way or another, is excluded. Customer’s right to use IBTA is automatically expunged after deletion of his/her user information content. In the event of a violation of General Trade Terms or unlawful use of IBTA or its part, the Supplier shall be liable at its sole discretion to block access to IBTA or terminate the agreement immediately despite the possible direct or direct claim for damages, may be due for the Supplier. Termination under this article provides for Customer’s compensations in any form.

8. Customer Support

Customer shall have a right to ask questions on IBTA application utilizing customer support chat at the website

9. Intellectual Property

All rights (right of intangible property, associated rights, eligibility) for the IBTA website content and software are owned by the Supplier to the fullest extent. The exception is provided by hardware/software of third persons additionally required to use IBTA and about which remain protected rights of third persons by law.

10. Responsibility

The provider ensures appropriate measures to protect the stored data from unauthorized access. However, the user is responsible for the strength and security of his password for the dedicated accesses.

11. Customer Responsibility

Customer shall be liable for all uploaded information to his/her account, in particular, if he/she in such a manner infringes the franchisers’ rights, laws, etc.

12. Information Security

Supplier arranges necessary actions to secure all his stored information from unauthorized access. However, Customer shall itself bear responsibility for his password security and data back up.

13. Information Protection and Processing

Concerning transmitted information, while visiting the Internet-site and IBTA using or stored, in particular, the Data Protection Act. There are appropriate links providing explanations on information protection in case of specific nature of data processing when using the Internet-site. Customer authorizes Supplier to store and use the information provided and stored by Customer if it is required for IBTA provision. Data may also be used in case of IBTA expansion. All data provided or stored by the Customer under registration and application of IBTA may be used only for IBTA provision. Customer agrees that Supplier may transmit these data for processing to third persons if it will make sense for IBTA provision. The supplier ensures that these third persons comply with the Indian laws about information protection.

14. Final Determinations

14.1. Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction

Legal relations between Customer and Supplier are affected by Swiss legislation. 

14.2. Modification of Present Terms

Supplier may modify the present terms at any moment. Customer is informed to the effect upon reasonable notice. If Customer does not agree with modifications, he/she can delete his/her user account at any time.

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