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Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Becoming an entrepreneur is easy for those who have determination & patience. However, success lies in validating your product or service in the market and providing support after the sales.

First of all, adopt the mindset of a CEO - it means to do everything professionally, whatever it is. Discuss the major decision points with your team members & do not play the guessing game to avoid big failures. If you have no team, tie your shoes and go to networking events. You will find the right fit of professionals as a service provider for your business. Maintain a good relationship with them and try to implement a virtual advisory board and also, don’t forget to pay them for the assistance - this will help to cultivate a good bond in the network, as they put in their best efforts for your success.

First action point

"Before registering and investing in a product or business, the first step is to create a prototype or virtual images of your business idea and run ads on social media such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook on your desired target group. Based on their response, you can determine whether this product will succeed & you will get hints to change product or service concepts etc. This is called “Market validation”. It can be done for a variety of businesses & services - it will help you make your product or service fit the right market and save you a lot of money on experimenting unrealistically. Once you get the validation, people are excitedly waiting for your product & it’s likely to be a super hit when it launches.

So, what’s next? First, prepare everything in a way to approach an investor. You cannot just walk-in front of an investor with a free hand and only with the idea in the head. So, you should be ready with the minimum of those listed aspects:

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1. Business Plan

2. Impression & characteristics of your dream buyers

3. Business model & Market validation

4. Sales plan

5. Minimum viable product

6. Sales engineering for the whole process

There are many modern methods and funnels to get sales based on your market - you should use the proper funnel that meets your target audience. For this, a deep marketing experiment has to be done - but it will be worth it in the end.

Click on the chat box if you want to know more about the process.

Your business plan gives you knowledge about how much estimated capital would be spent on your business startup. If you do not have enough money, there are various ways to fulfil your startup capital requirements. Most small businesses start with borrowing money from investors, friends and families, etc.

My best advice is not to borrow money or take a loan so quickly until you complete the checklist. Enthusiasm is good, but if you are not experienced enough, it can turn into your nightmare liabilities or destroy good relationships - so it’s better to follow the checklist & seek a loan from a bank, friend or family member.

Only by adapting these aspects you will understand the value of your business idea & its potential.

The physical location for your business depends on various factors such as affordable charges, business visibility (which means you're easy to find), nearby public parking & transportation arrangements, and rules and regulation issues set by the government based on your region, city, and state. Be aware of the restrictions on the operation performed by your business.

Register your business with a suitable business name

The business name plays a vital role in every aspect of your business. It is hard to find a perfect business name that reflects your business model - you should also ensure that the business name you choose was not already used by someone else - it is also important to check domain availability at the same time. When you are looking for a proper name, also look for the suitable domain for your website. It saves a lot of money on rebranding your business. Once you choose a suitable business name, you need to register it by filing out paperwork based on your region of business registration.

After you register your business, you will need to complete some essential forms, licenses & permits based on your local legislation. Hence, it is the essence of how to start your business.

An affiliated expert is necessary to start your small business. The expert will help you to track your financial records. Maintaining daily updated reports and financial information of an organization such as payables, receivables, payrolls & the documentation of daily financial entries are very important to better understand the business in decision making & to better plan the future of your business. An external bookkeeper helps you run a business fluently - they will also keep you updated about laws, taxes, and another blindside of your business.

Do you need to figure out how to start a business with fewer investments? Chat with our experts to analyse your business model. Get a strategy plan & your first free consultation. Simply click the chat button.

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