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The success of a business relies upon revenue-generating - BRANDING & SALES STRATEGIES

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Cash inflow is the most vital part of a business. Based on that, we can determine how successful and how long the business will run if you are a future-oriented entrepreneur. So even if it's a small business, a sales engineering process is going on consciously or unconsciously inside your business. for marketing, branding and business solutions

Let's look at the big picture; what is sales engineering?

Sales engineering combines many sectors of business to have a flawless function to generate income, and it is optimised for larger know and unknown audiences.

This journey starts with your dream buyers to whom you want to sell your service or product. Then validating your service and product through different channels by announcing, educating, empathising and providing support while not missing your brand identity and communication is so important.

The core message of your business must be distributed on the website and social media in a way your audience is eagerly searching for. Informative Graphics, Images, videos and copywriting are the real tools for that. You also don't have to be shy in naturally pulling your sales prospect in between, but it should have a strategy and plan. That's where a most business fails to bring their need to be in a compelling way. There were you going to prove your business turning into success there what validation of your business.

So now we got the big picture. Now need to build up a sales strategy & plan.

How I mostly like to implement the sales strategy and plan.

  • Make it simple and practical.

  • Given full access to the operation, even the business owner wants to modify any details in the feature.

  • Complete transparency and presentation before implementing the plan.

  • Avoiding bottleneck strategy depend on the interest of the business owner.

(Bottleneck strategy role of a business owner needs to be in A-Z of a business that gives burn out, reduces your potential to make more money from other sources. It limits your movements and thoughts and your day-to-night life tangled in each corner of the business. So instead, we give you a bird-eye view so that you can monitor everything properly without any worries.)

Checklist for sales plan and strategy

  • Reaffirming the goals and message of the business from the customer perspective.

  • Preparing company sales goals and targets.

  • Budgeting.

  • Pull in the best team leaders from the company or providing the best from us.

  • Strength, weakness, opportunity, Threat analysis.

  • Competitors analysis.

  • Structuring Business initiatives.

  • Preparing and categorising your target audience.

  • Preparing approach method.

  • Preparing Market strategy includes product or service, package, subscription, and promotion.

  • Stabilising the people involved.

  • Structuring the best channels and media.

  • Implementing cash flow monitoring tools.

  • Implementation & testing.

For each business, details in the plan may vary based on purpose, goal, product and audience. So if you struggle to improve your business revenue, get on to our one-to-one free consultation.

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